Why You Need Pocket Spring Mattress

The micro spring mattress is one of the most important types of mattresses – and due to all the right reasons. Buy a high-quality pocket spring mattress in the UK, and enjoy the following benefits.


Fewer Movement

Each spring of the mattress individually supports body weight. This reduces body movement and rolling.


Since each spring of the mattress is put in separate cloth sleeve, it creates an even level of firmness across the surface.

Pressure Relief

Having a pocket spring mattress in king size can offer you a comfortable sleeping experience.

Body Support

They are renowned for providing full support to your body.

Pocket springs are the best choice to have a complete support of your body structure, prevent  back pain and relieve lumbar and cervical pain.  Each coils is Individually wrapped and covered of their own fabric pocket. The springs are not linked together; and it assure independent sleeping areas. 

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