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Collection of personal data when visiting our website When visiting our website, that is, without registration or validation of the conditions on the processing and use of data, only the personal data that your browser transmits to our server are automatically saved. In order to meet these technical requirements, so that you can consult our website and to ensure the necessary security, the following data are saved:

- The IP address

- The date and time of your visit

- The time zone relative to the Greenwich Meridian (GMT)

- The content of the request (the pages actually visited)

- Status codes/HTTP codes

- Number of data transferred

- The site where the initial request originated

- The browser

- Operating system and equipment - Browser language and version. Personal data transmitted to us during the purchase process, when creating a customer account, when registering for our newsletter or that you have freely transmitted to us on our chat, will only be used to guide you through the procurement process (contract execution) and to answer any questions that arise during the process. All data collected during the process will be deleted after the storage of this data ceases to be necessary, or that the continued use of data storage is limited in cases where legal provisions with limited-time data storage exist. We will provide you with detailed information when we need to use your data for advertising purposes. In these specific cases, we will also inform you of the criteria that establish the period of time for which the data will be saved.

You have the following rights regarding all your personal data: Right to information, Right to modification and destruction, Right to restriction of the process, Right to object to the process Right to data transmission In addition, you have the right to address your complaints to the data security regulatory authority regarding the process of collecting, processing and using your data. In addition to the purely informative use of our website, we offer various services that you may use at your discretion. To do so, you will need to provide other personal information that we use to provide the service and for which the above data processing principles apply. External service providers sometimes help us with the processing of certain personal data. These were carefully checked by us, before working with them. They are subject to regular monitoring and are required to meet the safety standards that we have contractually agreed to.

We will inform you of all cases where external service providers reside in countries outside the European Economic Area. You may refuse to use your data at any time. This will then apply to all personal data that you have previously provided to us, after the date on which you revoke your data. You may also opt out of the use of the data we collect to provide you with personalized offers and recommendations.

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