• Firm - the polyurethane proprieties allow this mattress to assure a comfortable and firm sleep adapting to the body structure and sustaining it uniformly
  • High density 25 kg\m3 - High resistance to the weight of the mattress, thanks to the increased lift, do not deform over time and therefore do not force you to assume wrong postures.
  • Hypoallergenic - The structure of the expanded polyurethane itself is favoured by the internal ventilation of the mattress and the perspiration, this makes it much more hygienic than the classic mesh mattresses. Polyurethane is also a material that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms dangerous to man, this makes the mattresses in foam mold and anti-mites.
  • Orthopedic - Thanks to the ability to adapt to the body lines and the ability not to lose the lift over time, this mattress is ideal for those with postural and cervical problems. Body weight is evenly distributed, eliminating pressure points and promoting good blood circulation.
  • Fire retardant - All mattresses are flame retardant and certified to ensure the highest degree of comfort and safety.


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