The ghost mattress is made from memory gel technology which is soft, supple and gently soothing. The top layer of this orthopedic mattress features microscopic aluminum particles designed to conduct body heat through the mattress for comfort that lasts throughout the night. This durable material of this air mattress is able to react promptly to postural changes while maintaining a satisfactory comfort for deep and restful sleep.

  • GEL MEMORY FOAM: The gel mattress full is made with the gel memory having highness of 25cm which leads to increases in temperature while keeping it fresher. It produces a new layer of cloud-like softness to your bed, helping you to wake refreshed.
  • BEST FOR BACK PAIN SUFFERERS: For those who suffers from back pains, this orthopedic mattress can offer a massive improvement in your daily basis, the appropriate support and reduction in pressure point can help sufferers to get a good night sleep and much needed pain relief.
  • 9 ZONE SUPPORT: The advanced 9-layer zone technology improves the body's stress and supports adjustment, so that you can sleep comfortable in any position.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: As a consequence of the open cellular structure of the gel memory foam, the mattress has the ability to thermoregulate itself and offer a cool comfort in summer and warm in winter. The Ghost mattress is subjected to an intense antibacterial, anti-mite and hypoallergenic treatment.
  • FIRE RESISTANT: The mattress is made in Italy and constructed from fire resistant material which will own more years of great sleep experience.Colour can change



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