Sleepers Italian quality mattress distributor presents MEMOSPRUNG mattress





The MEMOSPRUNG mattress by Sleepers has been designed and created to provide you with everything you are looking for in a product for your best rest. 

In a single product was combined Italian quality, technology of pocket springs and the benefits of shape memory. 

Three special features that make the MEMOSPRUNG the perfect alletate for your rest and your dreams.


Have you ever tried sleeping on a pocket spring mattress? 

Well if you haven’t yet, now is the time. A pocket spring mattress is what you need if what you are looking for is a product that can give you a regenerating rest and with the absence of muscle pain and bone when you wake up.


A pocket spring mattress unlike a classic spring mattress, allows each spring to respond to the pressure exerted by our weight more precisely. 




The pocket springs work individually according to weight and stress, help to better support the spine and therefore to rest better. 





The pocket springs are very quiet, the old creaking mattresses becomes a distant memory of other times! 


The advantages of pocket spring mattresses do not end there. Due to its conformation it is also the coolest mattress, both in summer and in winter for those who just can’t stand the heat or suffer from insomnia. 

In addition, its particular conformation, highly breathable and made with anti-mite materials, is ideal for those suffering from allergies and respiratory diseases such as asthma. 

It avoids the accumulation of moisture and implantation of bedbugs, the greatest enemies for those who have these diseases that should not be neglected.





Together with the technology of pocket springs, the MEMOSPRUNG mattress will give you all the benefits of memory foam. 

This viscoelastic foam makes sure that the mattress also subjected to a determined temperature or pressure, fits perfectly to your weight and your anatomical shape, supporting you and ensuring you the maximum support and well-being. 

The physical structure of the mattress, due to its characteristic material, once no longer subjected to crushing by the weight of the body will regain its original shape. 

The lift associated with the elasticity of the mattress ensures that there are no compressions in certain areas of the body that could cause disturbances during sleep, for example, generating muscle tension or problems related to blood circulation.


Not to be underestimated is also the resistance of the foam to attacks of mold and bacteria, all the materials made from this material are antiacademic.








Number of springs: 

350 (90x190) - 700 (135x190)


Polyurethane 30D - Shape memory 45D 

Type of mattress:

Independent mattress springs with shape memory 

Mattress Thickness: 

22 cm 



Protective treatment: 

Anti-acarian, Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic 

Cover Material: 

Transpirant Fabric 


Mattress delivered rolled compressed 

Hypoallergenic fibre padding 250gr/m2

4 sewn handles 



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