This orthopedic mattress is produced with memory foam 50 kg/m3 and ergonomic mousse 25 kg/m3 . The mattress consists of two layers, one foam, which offers a balanced stiffness and a good support, and one in memory that makes it orthopedic and comfortable. This material has 2 main properties, viscosity (the material moves slowly and reluctantly when pressure is applied) and elasticity (the ability to stretch and change shape back to its original form).


Product Sheet:

  • Mattress Type: High Density Polyurethane Foam
  • Mattress thickness: 25 cm
  •  Mattress delivered compressed rolled
  •  Support: Closed
  • Density 25kg m3- 
  •  Hypoallergenic - this type of mattress is ideal for people with allergies. Indeed, the open cells of the polyurethane foam mattress provide optimal ventilation to curb the spread of dust mites.
  • 3D Strip Aeration - The 3D strip makes the mattress particularly breathable by avoiding stagnations of moisture and dust.
  • Made in Italy



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