Sleepers’ PUREMEMO mattress 



Sleepers' PUREMEMO mattress is a mattress in memory of shape!


Over the past twenty years, memory-shaped mattresses have evolved into qualitative alternatives to conventional mattresses. The pattern is due to their special structure and the materials that compose it, able to give a particular comfort during our rest. 

Indeed, anyone who has purchased a memory mattress has realized the benefits that the equipment brings to sleep. 


Why choose a Sleepers memory mattress? 



1) Body Relief 

Memory memory memory foam supports the weight of the person, detangling it evenly. When you lie on these mattresses, the memory foam adapts to the shape of the body, and unlike springs or other materials, the memory foam layer does not add pressure to our body, but supports it in total comfort. 


2) Back and Spine Support

The memory mattress supports each part of the body uniformly and individually, distributing the weight over the entire surface of the bed. This allows the spine to remain in a neutral position. It will allow you to no longer wake up with back pain and muscles. 


3) Is the right mattress for sleeping in all positions!

The memory mattress is indeed able to adapt to each position during sleep, as it is designed to rock and wrap every part of your body.

For those who like to sleep on their tummy, the memory provides excellent lumbar support and allows the back to relax. For those who like to sleep laterally, the memory supports the shoulders and hips, keeping the spine aligned. And for those who sleep with the belly down, memory helps support the back and prevent painful pressure points.


All the qualities of sleepers shape memory has collected them in its made in Italy product, the PUREMEMO mattress. 





TYPE OF MATTRESS: Memory mattress 9 Zones

DENSITY: Memory Foam 50kg/m3 + Polyurethane Foam 25kg/m3

SUPPORT: Balanced


Anti-bacterial, Hypoallergenic

Aeration by 3D strips all around the mattress

COATING: Aloe Vera

Hypoallergenic fibre padding 250gr/m2


4 sewn handles

Mattress delivered compressed rolled




Choose the right size of your mattress with the Sleepers guide

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